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Vintage Parade

The days are getting fuller …

Perry vintage parade.jpg

We started off today with the Vintage Parade. It’s a tradition at the International Rally for the vintage club trailers to all arrive together. They go through a lot of trouble to make this happen, including staging all the trailers the night before at an off-site location. The parade only takes a few minutes but it’s a proud moment for all the owners and great to watch.

Perry Fabers parading.jpg

Being a vintage Airstream owner myself, I knew a lot of people in the parade. Above are our friends from Arizona, Ken and Petey, arriving in their 1955 GMC truck and 1964 Airstream Bambi II.

Atlanta PieBar.jpg

Today was our last chance for a roadtrip to Atlanta, so we hopped in the Fit and headed north. Brett and I met with Wendy and Bill at a pizza place off I-85 called the Pie Bar. The pizza’s very good, but the real attraction for me was the unique architecture of the building. It’s a round building with glazed blue brick and terrazzo floors, which was formerly the Trust Company of Georgia.

Atlanta Bank With Trust.jpg

We also took in the World of Coca-Cola, which is now located in a much larger building (since May 2007) and also costs a lot more. It’s $15 now … but hey, they have a Epcot-center type ride in there. And they still give you all the soda you can drink, which in my case isn’t anywhere near $15 worth.

Atlanta world of coke.jpg

Last night we went out to try to capture some views of the trailers under the moonlight and sodium lamps. It was an interesting photographic exercise that would be easier without insects in the air. I’m still looking for that perfect night shot. We’ll try again soon, but we’ll have to be careful. Walking around with cameras trying to shoot trailers at night, we could easily be confused with window peepers …

Perry trailers at night.jpg

2 Responses to “Vintage Parade”

  1. Leigh Says:

    The picture of Ken & Petey’s trailer makes me misty for our old one. Thanks for the pictures Rich!

  2. sadira Says:

    OH…vintage trailers. Drool!