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Something new afoot

During today’s speeches from the Airstream head honchos, a company called “Tom’s Shoes” was introduced. Tom’s is a recently created company that makes a simple, “earth-friendly” shoes. For each pair of shoes sold, the company donates another pair to a child in need — and there are surprising number of people in the world without shoes.

Perry Toms staff.jpg

Tom’s first “shoe drop” donated 10,000 shoes in Argentina, and Blake says they will donate 50,000 shoes this year. Airstream donated the use of a trailer to allow the Tom’s staff to roam the US and sell shoes, and so today Blake Mycoskie and some other folks from Tom’s were here at the rally to promote a limited edition “Airstream” shoe ($48.00).

Perry Toms trailer.jpg

The rest of today’s rally events are a mystery to me. I missed everything. Brett and I spent the entire day in meetings, and we’ll do the same tomorrow. Just as the rally is gearing up, our playtime is over. But in the evening we were able to break away to visit the folks in the vintage section — where the real fun is. We found our friend Shari Davis (1st vice president of the Vintage Club), Leo Garvey, Colin Hyde, Pete Daniels, and a few other folks, plus I got to meet Dave Morrison for the first time. He’s a new freelancer for the magazine, so it was great to put a face to the name after a few months of working together.

We even managed to score an invitation to dinner with the Dixie Campers for Saturday night. One meal of their cooking will make up for a day of meetings, I’m sure. Even with a full schedule of work we’ll manage to get some good times out of the next few days.