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Airstream visitors again

Socializing is a huge part of this Airstream lifestyle. Being on the road full-time can be lonely if you don’t meet people, but fortunately there’s not much effort required to make new friends. Just owning the same brand of RV can be enough to start a friendly conversation, as we’ve proved dozens of times over.

Today, we had a double-header visit: Abe and Melissa, and Dick and Ann dropped in with their Airstreams for a visit down by the lake. Dick and Ann couldn’t stay, and headed off to Lake Placid, NY, but we convinced Abe and Melissa to hang out for the afternoon and through dinner.

Charlotte Abe Melissa.jpg
Melissa and Abe and their shiny 1976 Airstream Sovereign

In campgrounds we meet people all the time. While we are in Vermont and relatively stationary, our form of socializing is to invite friends or acquaintances met online or through rallies to come by and visit. We’ve got room at a neighbor’s house by the lake for overnight visitors, and our present campground has a couple of spaces free most of the time too.

It might seem odd to non-RV’ers that we feel so free about inviting people over, but keep in mind that we all travel with our own homes. It’s not like inviting someone to stay at your house. No need to wash the sheets and towels, clean up the living room, or wonder if your future houseguest has odd habits. We meet, we visit, and we can each retreat to our own spaces whenever we want. This means we can meet lots of people without the worry of being stuck with a bad dynamic for an entire weekend.

It almost never goes poorly when we have Airstream visitors. They seem to be generally cut from a similarly adventuresome cloth, and there’s always lots to talk about.

Charlotte Abe Melissa depart.jpg
Abe and Melissa pull out to go to Lake Placid

Right now we’ve got no one on the schedule for the rest of August, but I’m hoping that will change soon. We have reviewed the maps and decided we need to be on the road about August 26. That leaves precious little time to get in the last few wonderful days of summer, finish prepping for the movers, and finalize our remaining annual tasks. At the end of the month, we’ll be on our way again, with stops planned in NY, OH, WI, SD, MT, and WA through November.

2 Responses to “Airstream visitors again”

  1. Lois Grebowski Says:

    Oooh, pretty trailer! Very, very pretty!

  2. abe & melissa Says:

    We had a wonderful day! Thank you for letting us be a part of your journey. The “coffee on the rocks” by Emma still has us laughing… We really enjoyed getting to meet the “crew” and look forward to our next visit