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Pie social

One of the famous old traditions of Vermont is the pie social. They still pop up once in a while, at the nearby Rokeby Museum, and in town greens on summer evenings.

A pie social is sort of a casual garden party these days, with some live music, and occasionally crafts or exhibits. Last night I was driving back to the Airstream past the Vergennes city green and saw an orchestra in the bandstand and tables set out with an incredible assortment of pies. Naturally, I had to stop.

Vergennes band concert.jpg

The band was playing Sousa marches while people lounged on the grass in the cool evening air, or stood leaning against the old trees, talking to friends and neighbors. Kids were running around in the back, playing tag and throwing balls. I bought a slice of pie for later and wandered around to see who was there that I knew. After all, it is a “pie social” … you can’t complete the experience without socializing.

Little moments like that are getting scarcer for us. We are now in full-blown departure mode, with every minute of each day scheduled tightly. I have already begun the trailer and vehicle prep, Eleanor is doing the last load of laundry at my parent’s house, and we are rushing to get the last few boxes packed for shipment on Friday. In between these efforts are a few medical appointments, work on the Winter 2008 magazine, and some final visits with friends.

We could let the schedule slip a week, but I’m sure that would mean only a rush of preparation next week. Besides, there’s a schedule of things we want to do this fall, printed in blue ink on our dry-erase board. Time is the limiting factor. We all have only a fixed amount of time in our lives, and that means choices must be made. Considering everything, this Saturday looks like the day to hitch up and move on.

2 Responses to “Pie social”

  1. Danine Says:

    Just know you’re not alone in the packing and prepping department. Bobby’s last official day at work was today and now we are working full-time on getting ready to “full-time it”!

  2. sadira Says:

    OH…I’ve never heard of a pie social…ice cream, yes…pie, no (can’t do the ice cream anymore, so I’m drooling over the pie) Good luck with all the packing and getting ready to move on…that means we get to see you up in the North country soon right?