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Emma reports from Thermopolis

The following is a post by Emma.

We went to the Dinosaur Museum. There were brachiosaurus, duckbilled archeopteryx, triceratops, and tyrannosaurus rex skeletons. Then we went back to the trailer, had a snack, and went swimming in the hot spring. It wasn’t that good because there was nothing to see and we were going to go snorkeling. It was just a pool with cement walls and floors with hot spring water in it. It was very dirty with bugs (dead) too. Mom didn’t come to the hot spring because the smell made her nauseous.

The train went by twice today. It was very loud and very long.

Then we went into town. There wasn’t much. It was very quiet and everything was closed. Then we came back to the trailer and Mom made tacos and plantains while we just wrote this blog.


Part of Emma’s collection of Junior Ranger badges  

5 Responses to “Emma reports from Thermopolis”

  1. Lois Grebowski Says:

    Emma, the dinosaur place sounds cool. By the way, your badges are really cool!

    I can understand the smelly water thing with Mom… I would think the sulfur would make me feel yucky, too!

    Glad you’re having fun and learning tons neat new things! :-D)

  2. Lou Woodruff Says:

    A fine report on the day’s activities! I hope you will continue to give us an update. I like your badge collection. I think you should think about framing them.
    Are you taking some photos of all of the dinosaurs that you are seeing. They will be useful when you go to school, maybe. Just a thought.

  3. Peter Nault Says:

    Thanks for the descriptive report, Emma. I can see that you have inherited your Dad’s ability for writing. Good job. I hope you are proud of your ranger badge collection. Keep up the good work!

    Peter from Venice, Florida

  4. puck Says:

    *part* of emma’s junior ranger badge collection?


    when i was a kid, i was super proud of *one* junior-ranger-hood (denali, alaski). that’s soooo many, it’s like girl scouts but awesomer.

    seriously, i hope that you guys keep working on that collection and then hang on to it for quite a while.

  5. abe Says:

    Thanks for your photo of the Juinor Ranger Badges!