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Old West Miniature Village

Today Rich is on vacation from blogging. In his place, Emma has graciously consented to write today’s blog entry.

We went to the miniatures museum and there were some trains you could operate yourself. You just pushed the button and the train goes around and around the models. One of the trains had a little problem. Sometimes when you pushed the button it would go backwards. Then when you stopped it, it wouldn’t go. After a while of pressing finally it would go forward. Then it will go all over again.


Then we went home and we had some leftover ribs from last night’s dinner. Now we are going to have the ribs that are left over from lunch, for dinner again! We bought me a book at Wal-Mart. I am now reading four series of books at a time. I’m reading Magic Treehouse, The Secrets of Droon, Dragon Slayer’s Academy, and some fairy series.

When me and Mom got out of Wal-Mart, it was a wind gust. I practically got swept off my feet and went a while mile faster than I was running!


8 Responses to “Old West Miniature Village”

  1. Lou Woodruff Says:

    Emma, I am so glad that you are doing all of that reading! That is great!!! The books sound like fun to read. I am reading the last Harry Potter book now. Keep up the good blogging!

  2. Peter Nault Says:

    Emma – What a nice surprise to have you filling in for your dad! Congratulations on reading so many books. Reading is great entertainment, great fun, and you can learn so much about the world in which we live.

    P.S. You must r-e-a-l-l-y like ribs!

    Peter of Venice, FL

  3. Didi Says:

    Hi Sweetie,
    That’s my girl–what a nice treat to read your blog! (I love the leftover rib part.) Papa says if I want to keep up to you I have to start reading Harry Potter too…it seems I’m behind the trend. By now you know that reading is very special–with books around, you are never without a friend (or something to do).

  4. Katie Says:

    Dear Emma,
    What a wonderful surprise to read your blog entry! The miniature village sounds and looks like a lot of fun!! It looks like a place that Kyle would like when he is a bit older. Way to go on reading all those books! That’s fantastic! Kyle is very into trucks, tractors, and trains, so we have begun collecting books about transportation.
    Keep up the good work!

  5. Lois Grebowski Says:

    WOW two Emma entries in one week. What a treat! :-D)

    That miniature exhibit looks neat. Such amazing detail. Oh, my hubby would like to push the train button. He’s almost 50 (next week) and still likes to play with trains…

    Glad the wind gust didn’t blow you away!

    Have a great week y’all!

  6. sadira Says:

    Oh Emma…what a wonderful blog post! Both the trains and the ribs sounded divine…and I love the Magic Treehouse series! I haven’t heard of the other ones you are reading…but I know that everyone love the Spiderwick Chronicles…have you read them yet?

  7. jody Says:

    Emma, your blog is so interesting! We loved your visit in Denver, and hope to see you all again soon so I can finish the terrific story you are writing about a rabbit and a gold bullet.

    Annabella sends a hug!