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Sweetwater Summit County Park

We had to flee the Los Angeles area. The original plan was to head down to San Clemente for another day or even through Christmas, but we got so frustrated with driving in the incessant traffic that it felt like a better decision to head to our base in San Diego and just sit still for a while.

So, although a few people recommended Newport Dunes (pricey but substantial), Doheny State Park, San Clemente State Park, and other spots, we bailed out. Los Angeles was tough on us and the trailer. We came in with a perfect trailer and left with a new stone ding and a bent stabilizer pad (impacted an obstacle despite being fully retracted), plus the aforementioned greasy coating.

The truck wash turned out not to exist, but we did find a car wash that seemed big enough at first glance. It wasn’t. I pulled in straight but couldn’t get out going forward, so I did a quick spray of the truck and trailer, and then Eleanor stood in the middle of a side street and directed me backwards while watching for oncoming cars. We survived. The trailer isn’t sparkly clean, but at least it doesn’t leave a residue on bystanders anymore. We’ll do a proper wash later.

sd campsite.jpg
We’ll be here for a week.

sd stockings.jpg

Christmas is in two days and Emma is very excited. She and Eleanor spent much of Thursday making decorations for the trailer and the little rosemary bush. So we’re all decorated and ready for the holiday. I’ll post a few shots of the decorations they made in a new Flickr photo album soon. In the meantime, stay warm, wherever you are!