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Quick Answers and our Christmas Menu

It’s Christmas Eve and the birds are singing in the trees outside our windows.

A few people have asked questions recently, and I wanted to share the answers with all of you:

Q: How was it driving the curvy roads of Route 1?

A: Not a problem at all. The Airstream handled beautifully. Just remember to slow down in the tight curves and obey the speed limit at all times. By the way, we use the Reese Strait-Line hitch with Dual Cam. I think it is a superb hitch and it has worked very well on this large heavy trailer as well as on our previous Argosy 24.

Q: Are we re-greasing our bikes after washing them?

A: So far we have not needed to, but I expect to do that soon.

Q: How is Emma doing?

A: Very well. She has been traveling by Airstream since she was three years old, and to her this is just a normal part of life. She meets kids and adults everywhere she goes and just a few minutes after meeting a new folks she is starting games with them. She talks to her grandmother and grandfather via phone every few days, too.

Q: Can you use Google Earth for the Tour map?

A: Well, we can’t, for two reasons, but you might be able to. Google Earth requires both broadband Internet and a PC. We use Macs and we don’t have anywhere near broadband capability. Frappr works best for us. But if you want to see where we are, you can get the zip code from our Frappr map or, and then use Google Earth to explore the area.

Q: Will we make a book out of this trip?

A: You never know. I’d want to re-write a lot of it if I were to publish in book form. The original plan was to come out of this trip with a book on full-timing as a family. We might still do that.

Q: Where’s my free CD??

A: Would you believe it got lost in the Christmas rush? No? OK, the truth is that I haven’t mailed them yet. But I will get on that this week, I promise!

By the way, we have set up RSS syndication on this blog, which is a really cool feature. I’ve only tested it on the Firefox browser, but it may also work on Internet Explorer. On Firefox, you look for a little symbol in the bottom right corner of your browser window that looks like orange radio waves. Click this symbol and select “RSS 2.0”. This will put a bookmark on your browser.

I recommend you put the bookmark on your bookmarks toolbar so you can easily click on it. When you click on the bookmark, you’ll see a drop-down list of our latest blog entries. It will automatically update itself so you can see at a glance if we’ve posted anything new.

If anyone is running Netscape or IE on a Windows PC and figures out how it works on those platforms, let me know and I’ll post the instructions here. If you haven’t tried Firefox, I strongly recommend it. It disables pop-ups, is highly resistant to viruses, is fast, has many useful features, and it is free. It works on Mac and Windows.

Today we will probably head into town for a museum or something. Tomorrow, being Christmas, everything will be closed and so my plan is to go cycling on the many dirt trails around this park.

Last night we braved the crowds and did a little shopping, mostly for groceries. The result will be two days of fine dining courtesy of Eleanor’s culinary skills. We’ve added a few items to the menu to reflect that we are only 10 miles from Mexico now.

Today’s menu: Grilled steak with mushrooms and onions; salad of mixed baby greens with ginger dressing; corn and fried plantains; sugar cookies made by Emma, and Mexican hot chocolate.

Christmas menu: Roast pork with roasted potatoes, carrots, and pearl onions; haricot verts (French green beans) with onions and almonds; grapefruit and avocado salad with honey-lime dressing; hot apple turnovers. Who says Airstreamers never use their kitchens? 😉

We hope you are enjoying the weekend also. Happy holidays!

4 Responses to “Quick Answers and our Christmas Menu”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Happy Holidays! Hope the family is enjoying themselves – and Santa finds Emma!
    Marc and family

  2. Mark Johnson Says:

    Gee, If I fly out now, I can just make Christmas dinner.. Merry Christmas to the Luhrs. Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this holiday season and throughout the rest of your trip. Mark

  3. Tim Says:

    Just wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas!

    Glad you three are doing fine. Take care and enjoy the holidays.


  4. Michael Young Says:

    By the way, Apple’s Safari browser has a built-in RSS reader, blocks pop-ups, and of course has no virus, adware, spyware, trojan horse or other maladies.