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Sunset Beach State Recreation Area, OR


Just down Route 101 from Warrenton we found another little surprise, Sunset Beach State Recreation Area.   Just take a westerly turn and drive until you hit the sand (just past the trailhead for the Fort to Sea Trail) then head south along hard-packed gray sand toward Seaside.

You can drive for miles along this beach.   I expect in the summer it might get pretty busy, but on a chilly Saturday in October there were probably only two dozen vehicles on the sand in four or five miles.

This would be a sweet spot to park the Airstream for a day at the beach.   Overnight stays aren’t allowed, but you could easily put the trailer on the sand as a private cabana.   We might even do that on Monday if we get out of the RV shop early enough.

2 Responses to “Sunset Beach State Recreation Area, OR”

  1. 2air isafriend Says:

    wow rich, emma is really growing! not a little girl much longer, and so much hair.

  2. kelli mcdill Says:

    Hi Rich,

    You seem to be on our tail. We were recently on the Oregon coast. We dipped into CA for a spell and now are headed to Crater Lake then Ashland tomorrow for a few days. Where will you be next? Maybe we can hook up.