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Christmas Day on St George Island

Yesterday we drove over the bridge from St George Island to the small fishing town of Eastpoint, where Eleanor went on a seafood shopping spree at the local fish shacks. She bought smoked mullet, fresh oysters, grouper filets, and served all those things with frozen crab cakes and lobster bisque that we bought in Virginia […]

St George Island State Park

The brochure says this is “one of the best examples of Florida’s Gulf Coast barrier islands,” and I would have to agree. Too many of Florida’s beautiful barrier islands are completely overgrown with hotels, motels, condos, tacky shops and traffic. Ft Meyers Beach is a sad example. But a few great spots remain relatively unmarred, […]

St George Island, FL

Our departure from Barry’s was slightly delayed by a maintenance item. An aluminum flange that helps support the dump valve plumbing came loose. The flange is attached by two small screws in the belly pan aluminum, and they have torn out of the thin aluminum over time. I hadn’t noticed this gradual loosening until I […]

St George Island, FL

St George Island and Manatee Springs SP

As I mentioned in the last blog entry, it has been a challenge lately to keep up with the blog. Both Verizon and Sprint seem to have little cellular service anywhere in the panhandle. When “roaming”, we can’t get online. Monday we left Port St Joe and dropped by nearby St George Island, which is […]

Places to stay

We bought our Airstreams so we could explore. It turned out that ownership also offered a lot of other benefits we hadn’t expected, such as making a lot of new friends, saving money, and an entirely new lifestyle — but the desire to explore is still a main motivation. In the first few months of […]

Damp in Saratoga Springs, NY

We can’t seem to escape the rain, even when the sun is shining.   A big thunderstorm showed up around dinnertime, and it never really stopped.   I had hoped for a letup overnight so that we could roll up a dry awning, but we awoke to a steady drizzle.   Packing up and hitching […]

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