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Fort Morgan, AL

We got a nice break in the weather in the afternoon of Christmas Day, good enough to go out and walk the beach for a couple of hours. The long beaches of St George Island are great for shelling, walking, and talking. You can even ride your bike on the hard-packed sand near the water. […]

Mail call!

Today was mail day, which means we drove to the Ft Walton Beach post office to pick up General Delivery of whatever our home post office, friends, and family sent along last week. Every week or two I pick a post office that will be along our projected route, and spread the word. Next week […]

Happy Anniversary To Us

Today is a significant date, to us. June 23 is the day we sold our house in Vermont and began living in our 1977 Argosy 24 full-time! We bought the current Airstream in October, and began documenting our travels at that time. So we’ve been full-timers for a year now. (Feel free to send anniversary […]

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