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Media day

tucson-airstream-head.jpg The older girls from next door and the girls here in our “campground” have gotten together, and weird things are happening.   There are dance costumes all over the place, decorated cardboard boxes, and the odd head lying about.   We try not to ask questions.

Since Bobby & Danine gave us the night off by taking the girls, Eleanor and I had a chance to discuss our travel plans over dinner.   We are in danger of having to delay our departure because the countertops are likely to be late, and our couch may be too.   If the countertops don’t go in on schedule, the appliances can’t be installed, nor the sinks.   We worked out some contingency plans for every foreseeable circumstance — I hope.

One small step forward today: the cellular shades have been installed.   We now have viable privacy in the house, which means that we could start sleeping in here if we had mattresses.   I guess that’s the next item to be purchased, but since we’d still have to go the Airstream for cooking I think we’ll just keep sleeping in there too.   We’re perfectly comfortable in it.   In fact, I think the Airstream is more comfortable than the house, emotionally.   The Airstream has been home for over two years, whereas the house is just a place where we work and spend money.   Nobody is in a hurry to move out of our Airstream home just yet.

Today has been media day.   I’ve uploaded a lot of photos to our Flickr album.   You’ll find new photos of the Tucson Rodeo, the ASARCO copper mine, the Writer’s Roundup in Patagonia, and Sabino Canyon.   I’ve also made a short instructional video about how the “changeover” gas regulator on an Airstream works, which is posted on the Airstream Life Media Community.   I plan to shoot more such videos if people find them valuable.   Let me know if there’s an Airstream-related topic you’d like to see explained or demonstrated in a short video.

We have only about three weeks left in the schedule, and there is still much I want to do.   Bobby & Danine are heading to Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument tomorrow and I’d like to tag along.   The Fabers want us to go to Sonora with them soon.   Our friend Brent from Tempe want to go camping for a weekend.   And I’d like to get out to San Diego to play uke with friends there.   But we can’t do everything, and when we arrived here we committed to getting the house done first and foremost.   That’s still the plan. With the small amount of time left in the schedule, it seems likely that we’ll need to stay put until the Big Departure.

One Response to “Media day”

  1. Dee Says:

    Great video on the gas regulator —I wish I had seen this before running out of gas on a cold night — which I have done!

    I would like to see a video on hooking up with the hensley arrow hitch on an incline. I still hesitate to unhitch unless I’m very close to being level. I love the hitch and would not trade it but I HATE hitching up on an angle. Video tips would be great!

    Thanks for the great blog and the great magazine!

    Pat and Dee, 28′ safari SE LS 2006