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Behind the Scenes

I’m working all day today and haven’t had time for any adventures. Eleanor and Emma are over at Janie Haddaway’s doing laundry, so they are working too.

Since we don’t have any exciting news, I thought I’d share a few photos of us having a typical day in the Airstream. These photos were taken by Andy, who visited us back in Tucson a few weeks ago. He caught us candidly doing the things we do every day.

Typical day.jpg

Every morning the trailer is filled with hubbub. Usually one or both of are working on the computer, and I’m often pacing around talking on the phone. When you call Airstream Life magazine, and you hear noises in the background, just remember this picture of my “office”.

Sabino Canyon.jpg

Andy was with us on our hike to Sabino Canyon and I’m really grateful that he took a few pictures of us together. We hardly have any good shots of us as a family. This hike in Sabino Canyon is a treasured memory.

Evening blogging.jpg

And here I am at the end of a typical day, taking care of subscriber inquiries that came during the day, downloading my photos, and writing up a blog entry for you to read.

We are planning to stay here at NTAC for a couple more days, and then I think we will head over to Roger Williams Airstream in Weatherford for some minor repairs. After that, I am leaning toward visiting Hot Springs National Park on our way north to Indiana, rather than heading west to Mississippi. The more direct route will give us more time to stop along the way.

2 Responses to “Behind the Scenes”

  1. Andy Says:

    Glad you like the pictures!

    It certainly was fun visiting you guys, and while it might not have seemed like I was energetic, the “downtime” was good for me. And I enjoy just observing the surroundings sometimes (its the artist hiding inside). BTW, didn’t get around to telling you that it definitely was Kitt Peak that we could see from your parking spot in Tucson — with the binocs I could see the solar telescope housing, which has a distinctive, maybe unique shape. I confirmed that after getting home by looking at the home page for Kitt Peak Observatory, and the layout of the buildings matched what I’d seen.

    After you’ve posted the pictures I took, I feel bad being a nitpicker, but your last paragraph in the Feb 28 posting is a bit confusing: from Texas, wouldn’t one go *east* to get to Mississippi? Going through Hot Springs certainly would be more direct to Indiana! 😉


  2. Adam&Susan Says:

    Great to see evidence that you are all looking well. Thanks Andy! Emma, I bet that Dr.Pepper was a pepper upper! Best to all,