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Saturday at the dealership

At last! The sun has arrived and the temperatures have risen in central Indiana. Despite a dismal forecast last night, it has turned out to be a beautiful day.

We’ve spent the day chatting up Airstreamers (and future Airstreamers), giving tours of our trailer, and checking out the new models to get ideas for ways we might modify our own. Blog reader Lee Benson dropped by, and gave me some tips on using satellite Internet that I’ll be able to integrate into my presentation next month.

AOI dealership.jpg

Misc notes:

(1) In response to a request from another blog reader, I’ve posted an album to Flickr with pictures of two of the new Airstream models, the Base Camp and the Safari 23. Look for the new album called “Airstream of Indiana”.

(2) We disconnected the AC power last night so we could exercise the batteries. I was interested to see how much power we used overnight for the furnace (22 amps). The Tri-Metric tells us exactly what we have used, and what we have left, which is very useful. I am not sure at this point but I think we may want to add a couple more batteries just so we don’t drain the batteries too much when we are boondocking. The batteries will last much longer if we drain them no more than 25%.

(3) Emma has had a minor relapse with a slight fever. We’ve tried to keep her low-profile today but she feels good enough to run around and get into everything and meet everyone. Fortunately, she doesn’t seem to be contagious.

(4) Finally, the folks at the dealership expressed some regret that there were no leftovers of Eleanor’s dessert. Apparently everyone has been checking the blog since we got here!