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Emma’s trailer

Eleanor’s headache has continued unabated, so we made a trip to the local doc. While she was being examined, Emma and I sat on the waiting room floor and practiced reading sight words.

The doctor thinks it’s a migraine, but Eleanor has never had one before, so it’s still a small mystery. One theory is that allegies triggered it, but nobody really knows. They sent her home with an injection and a prescription and she’s in bed now, hoping the pain stops. She may miss out on the Fort Wilderness fun this weekend if things don’t clear up. We’re worried but hopeful.

So I’m Mr. Mom today. Emma is helping me do the laundry and errands, and in between I try to get a bit of work done. We are coping. It’s a bummer to be stalled like this, but on the other hand a migraine for four days would be a bummer no matter where we were.

Emma's trailer.jpg

Emma has made a drawing for you, of her trailer. Drawing is one of her favorite pastimes, and I have been meaning to share some of her artwork with you for a long time. Today seemed the right day to show this five-year-old’s view of our home on wheels.

5 Responses to “Emma’s trailer”

  1. Tim Shephard Says:

    Rich and family,

    Tell Emma her friends in California hopes she feels better real soon!

    Take care,


  2. Minya Greer Says:

    Sending Get Well wishes to Eleanor! Hope you feel better real soon!!

    Emma, I love your drawing! You are really good at drawing those Airstreams!

    Have fun at Disney!

    -Minya & family

  3. Sean Woodruff Says:

    Hey Emma,

    The front of ALL trailers should be ORANGE!

  4. Lou Woodruff Says:

    Your printing is really improving, and the numbers too. Good job!
    I am glad to see the beautiful art work.
    Take care of your mom and tell her that we are thinking of her and hoping she is soon back to normal.
    Your friend,

  5. Adam&Susan Says:

    Hello All,

    Nice to be back and learn all the goings on. Eleanor we do hope you’re feeling better.

    Emma what a wonder full trailer. You are quite the artist!

    Miss you all,

    Adam & Susan