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SeaWorld, Orlando FL

We just dragged ourselves in from SeaWorld. We’re wiped out from nine hours of walking around the park in 80 degrees … four live shows, two fast rides, six large cups of sugary drink, and more sea mammals than you can catch in a drift net (just a bad joke, pay no attention). In short, total sensory overload.

Emma and Dad waiting for a stingray to swim by … so we can pet it!

We’re done with the theme park experiences for a while. It was a good day but my brain is becoming numbed. I think we all need some “real” experiences over the next couple of weeks, involving natural places and people who are genuine (or genuinely bizarre). Shouldn’t be hard to work that up.

But first, a good night’s rest. The air conditioner is humming and the air inside is comfortably dry & cool, unlike outside. We’ll sleep well, and dream of dolphins.