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Flying the Flags

We’re spread out now. Bikes are off the roof, the big red numbers are hanging off the front of the trailer, the awning is out, tablecloth is on the picnic table, and the beach toys are sitting by the entrance. We’ve got sand on the floor, and cold drinks in the fridge. Beach time!

Sadly, even though the weather has been just fabulous, I’ve spent most of the day working. But I did manage a few breaks in between projects, and some visitors have dropped in, too. People are arriving for the rally every day, even though the official start isn’t until Wednesday.

Myrtle Beach Airstreams.jpg

Eleanor and Emma hit the beach in the afternoon and found that while the sand is warm, the water is cold. Making sand castles, kite-flying, and straying knee-deep in the water are probably the optimum uses of this beach.

Myrtle Beach flag.jpg

I haven’t been able to locate a flag pole holder kit here yet, but I do have three flag poles and two flags. We set up the new Airstream Life flag as a test just to see how it looks. What do you think?

We don’t intend to do much this week … by our standards, anyway. It’s just too comfortable and lazy here in the warm breeze. Cycling around the campground, walking the sand, playing games, and grilling outside are the priorities of the week. I have some work to do but I’ll try to do it when the sun is down. There are small pleasures in just puttering, whether that’s with a sand bucket and plastic shovel, or a recipe in the kitchen.

Myrtle sunset .jpg