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Open House and Beach Party

What a beautiful day! We lucked out. It’s upper 70s and absolutely gorgous and dry. Perfect for our Open House today. A crowd showed up at 1 pm and hung around until 2:30 (when the official Beach Party was scheduled to begin).

Myrtle Beach open house.jpg

A few people checked out our unusual trailer, and others snacked under the awning and asked questions about how we do what we do. A lot of people wanted to know when I worked, and I told them “Whenever I can.” Today, for example, I managed to get two articles edited and uploaded for layout, and started work on a third. Half an hour here, half an hour there, and eventually it gets done.

I also got a chance to briefly interview some other folks who had great little innovations in their Airstreams. Those will appear in the Summer magazine. And, best of all, I have been told that the Spring magazine is finally off the press and will be put in the mail this weekend.

Myrtle Beach Party.jpg

Then it was off to the Beach Party, which was terrific. Water balloon tossing contests, kite-flying, digging in the sand for treasure, etc. In the photo above, Emma is competing against a bunch of other “girls”.

Brett and I got chosen to play each other in the balloon toss. We set a record for longest tosses, but ultimately I got splashed (and lost!)

Myrtle Beach Fred balloon.jpg
Fred catches another one

Now we’ve got a few minutes before the barbecue dinner at the clubhouse. I’m already beat from all the action today, and tomorrow looks to be even busier. Other people relax at rallies. I always need a vacation after one!