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Caravan planning

It has been uneventful day of towing but good things are happening nonetheless. We broke camp this morning in the strongest wind we’ve had at Myrtle Beach yet. It felt like a steady 20+ MPH. I had to hold things down to keep them from blowing away.

Myrtle Beach goodbye.jpg
Goodbye, Myrtle Beach!

While towing west, I talked on the phone with a few friends (fellow Airstreamers). Brett is making plans to join us at the International Rally in Oregon this summer. Rich C is going to try to hook up with us in New Mexico and caravan with us for a month or so. Adam and Susan are going to meet us at International and caravan with us to Montana. And in Montana, we’ll meet up with Bert and Janie for a week or so!

Meanwhile, Eleanor was on the laptop from the passenger seat, researching flights for our visit home (Vermont). It’s great to be able to make productive use of the road time with the Internet and a cell phone. Emma was in the back chatting on the phone, coloring, playing with her Leap Pad, and playing with her stuffed animals, so we all managed to make the 7+ hours of driving not as horrible as it could have been. And now, here we are … at Cracker Barrel.

Tomorrow will be a shorter day of towing. We are going to try to intersperse the long days with short days, as we head 1200 miles west to our next major stop in Weatherford TX. As I mentioned, we are going to have a bunch of cool upgrades done to our rolling home at Roger Williams Airstream in Weatherford, so if you live nearby let me know if you can meet us there! We’re getting disc brakes, solar panels, and some Vista Views too. Should be very interesting to watch!

3 Responses to “Caravan planning”

  1. Rich C Says:

    Hey, I’ll take a few panels too. Just put them on my tab….. 😉

    I’m currently at Marty’s USRV awaiting their opening, then I’ll have my bit of work done today as well.

  2. Jay and Cherie Guerin Says:

    Just returned from a month in Texas with no web service for last two weeks so have been catching up on your musings. We have an 85 watt solar panel on our 19er which has served us well. Also replaced stock batteries with the no-maintenance ones.

    Don’t think we need disc brakes, but what are “Vista Views”?

  3. Rich Luhr Says:

    Vista View windows are the cool upper windows that you can see on new International and Classic models, and some vintage models from the 70s. They are halfway between skylights and regular windows. They don’t open but they let in a lot of light while retaining privacy. You’ll see pictures in an upcoming blog entry.