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I’m fixing a hole …

… where the rain came in (metaphorically). We don’t actually have a hole in the Airstream, but we certainly had a few holes in our systems lately.

We packed up and left Cherry Creek today for Colorado Springs. But before we left, I picked up my Powerbook with the new 100 gigabyte hard drive, and a copy of Tiger too. That’s two items fixed from our bad luck spell: computer and phone. Eleanor also got me a very good t—– wrench (I still can’t say the word, but you know what I’m talking about) at Sears. Cost about $65 on sale, and I think the regular price was about $90. Well worth it given the alternative.

So I before we pulled out, I added two items to our pre-departure checklist: checked the lug nuts on the wheels, and checked the air pressure in all the tires. We won’t have THAT disaster again if I can help it.

Fred C wrote me to say “thanks for the KITA” (Kick In The ***). My hard drive failure inspired him to get serious about backing up his stuff too. I hope our disasters have been at least useful in preventing other people from having similar problems. That’s why I go out on a limb and admit all the stupid things I’ve done and the things that have gone wrong.

Now that my Mac is almost fully set up, I’m installing a program called Silverkeeper by LaCie. It is an automatic backup program, very easy to use and fast. I’ll run it at least twice a week to back up my files to the external LaCie hard drive. It works with any type of drive, including CDs and DVDs.

Our campground in Colorado Springs is not pretty. It’s sort of a dirt parking lot with views and sounds of a busy highway. The wi-fi does not reach us, predictably, and since I needed to download some big files I’m at the Panera Bread. We didn’t have much choice in places to stay, since everything else seemed to be booked up for the weekend. Fortunately, we are only spending two nights at this campground and then moving along to another one in the Colorado Springs area.

Tomorrow we’ll have some fun. It’s about time. There’s a lot to do in the area of Colorado Springs and I plan to check some good stuff out! I’ll also resume taking photos for you.

One Response to “I’m fixing a hole …”

  1. Minya in Florida Says:

    Okay, I need to ask….how do you know WHICH t wrench to get?!?!?