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A Quiet Sunday

… and then, nothing happened.

We had to move the rig this morning from the dull & noisy campground we had in Colorado Springs to a spot about 15 miles south of town. So we spent the morning doing Sunday morning stuff, and then stopped off for groceries, and by the time we got to our new site it was nearly 2 pm and 96 degrees outside.

I had all these ideas about driving out to some little towns in the mountains, seeing the Royal Gorge Bridge, etc., but somehow they all evaporated in the heat of the day. Besides, I found out a bit too late that cell phones don’t work here, even though they work just about 2/10ths of a mile down the street. So I spent an hour of the afternoon trying to get my Vonage box to work on the campground’s wireless network, and then Eleanor and I languished while Emma griped about our lack of activity.

Well, once in a while you’ve got to take a day off from everything. I guess today was it. Tomorrow we will resume our usual schedule of frenetic activity. Since I can’t make calls from here, I will tag along as Eleanor and Emma head up to Colorado Springs, and park myself either in the in-laws’ house or Panera Bread for the day. I could do worse than having an office in Panera Bread …

But despite the lack of activity today, I did find a great place to go for good times with family:

Ft Collins Dr Bob.jpg
Sign of the week!