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Creede, CO

First official day of the rally has been mostly nice … Creede is an interesting old mining town with a historic downtown butted up again towering rock walls. We took Rich C into town and did some exploring.

Creede downtown.jpg

There’s a lot for such a small community: a historical society, a museum, hotel, general store, “self-service B&B”, a dozen or more shops, a lot of rental cottages, and “the best doghouse in Creede.” We went to the dog house and got some bratwursts for lunch.

Creede doghouse.jpg

From downtown you can drive a few miles up into the former mining country and see abandoned mines everywhere. We were told the rockhounding was good, so we took the drive.

Creede rockhounding.jpg

In 15 minutes of hunting we found some colorful stones and a lot of rocks flecked with iron pyrite (Fool’s Gold). Eleanor and Emma are planning to head up again tomorrow to do some real searching. Emma wants to find a piece of fluorite.

The road makes a grand circle up into the mountains to well over 10,000 feet, and then winds down with views of Creede and our campground.

Creede view.jpg

This evening’s rally events were great, too. Tonight was the chili dump, a notorious event where everyone brings a portion of homemade chili and it all gets mixed into a big pot and served. It came out pretty well …

It’s a shame that the evening had to end on a bad note. When we returned to our campsite, after dark, we found our new friends and next-door neighbors pulling their vintage Airstream out of their campsite. They had only arrived this morning. I was told that the campground management was rude to the mother over some minor issue, and their 13-year-old daughter spoke back, saying “You can’t speak to my mother like that.” The management, unable to deal with a 13-year-old, evicted them on the spot.

We’ve been here only one day and it has become obvious that this campground is not family-friendly. Every child attending the rally except Emma has had a run-in with the management. The campground is busy selling long-term leases for campsites (reportedly for $60k!) and apparently would prefer that children not be part of the scenery.

The transition to leased campsites is not attractive anyway. Rich C was bitched at by some busybody “owner” (lessee) for pulling up in the wrong spot while registering for his site. I (and several other people) got lectured for using a “private” walkway alongside the campsites. Some of the people who are buying lots here have crossed the line from happy campers to possessive fools. If that’s what “campsite ownership” turns people into, I’ll never do it.

Our other Airstream neighbors are leaving tomorrow — three days early. Even though they don’t have kids, they no longer feel comfortable staying here. I am wondering if we’ll be next. We would hate to leave the rally, but ethically we are caught between supporting our friends who put a lot of effort into organizing the rally, and disagreeing with the policies of the campground management. One thing is certain, I cannot recommend the Mountain Views RV Park in Creede Colorado to anyone with children, and if you don’t have children, be sure not to set foot on an “owner’s” campsite.

7 Responses to “Creede, CO”

  1. Steph (tin sista) Says:

    Wow thanks for posting that info, we have a 4 year old boy, and would like to stay in campgrounds where we are welcome as a family. I wonder if Woodall’s warns people in the rating that children are not welcome? Wouldn’t that just be easier to do up front? Imagine how sad it has been for all the parents and kids besides the ones you spoke of? Wonderful log Rich and family, we enjoy following your travels.
    Best wishes!
    Steph, Dave, and Sam
    in Michigan

  2. Chris Johnson Says:

    Hi Rich, Too bad about the negativities at the rally. I posted a comment on the Airstream forums website about my feeling towards that. Looks like you are all having a great time otherwise ! I have been following your blog. Next time you get up in the Pac NW stay awhile ! We’d love to have you at one of our local forums rallies.


  3. Jamie, Doug, Hannah, & Megan Says:

    Thanks for the blog! We’re also enjoying following your family in your Airstream adventure!

    It hurts all of us with kids to hear about families and children being mistreated and made to feel bad at campgrounds, sometimes just for being there. Thanks for being honest and sharing with us the information on places to watch out for.

  4. Roland Zimmerman Says:

    August 17, 2006

    Rich Luhr

    On August 15th I responded to you and your scandalous blog pertaining to our Resort. I requested your posting our response. As of noon August 17th, you have not posted our response or taken your comments off your blog.
    I have contacted my attorney and your blog is a DEFAMINATION to our business and personal character. I am once again requesting your immediate posting of our response and an apology as well.
    A lawsuit will be initiated within 24/48 hours if this injustice is not immediately corrected.
    Your blog has already had a negative impact on our business.
    Roland Zimmerman

    cc Lester, Sigmond, Rooney & Schwiesow

  5. Paul Mayeux Says:

    Hi Rich and all, sorry we had to cancel, but in light of the report I’ve read here as well as first hand reports from others that were at the rally, it’s probably a good thing as we would have had both girls AND a dog! Anyway hope to see ya down the road. By the way, it looks like the campground owner is as good a speller as a host.

  6. Rich Luhr Says:

    Mr Zimmerman’s rebuttal will be posted here as soon as he sends it. It was never received by us but I have asked him to re-send it.

  7. Roland Zimmerman Says:

    [The following was rec’d by fax on Aug 18. This message was originally sent by Roland Zimmerman on 8/15 but did not get through. I asked him to re-send it to me via fax and have typed it in for him verbatim, at his request. — RL]

    I noticed with great interest you’re editing and timing of my response to your blog. You have chosen to totally ignore and post my August 15th response to your comments about our resort and only posted my response concerning a lawsuit.

    This further tells me you have not interest in exposing your readers to the other side of your story and have chosen not to let them decide for themselves what is and is not the truth. It further shows you truly have a mission to destroy our business and my wife and I personally.

    In the event you did not receive my August 15th message I will repeat it once again:

    Attachment: to Rich Luhr

    I was just made aware of your blog on the Internet and requesting that as a reporter for your group that you allow me to respond with the other side of the story. At an early age I was taught that “There are two sides to every story.” Please be fair and allow us that courtesy.

    Before I respond to your blog, let me state that we are parents of four loving children – nine grandchildren – and two great grandchildren. We have owned and operated two successful RV Parks and Resort for almost 15 years. I think this would disqualify us as anti children. We have repeat business year after year with the same families returning with there children and grandchildren, hardly anti children.
    My response to your blog.

    The thirteen year old you refer to had several mishaps during her first day at the resort. I have since been told that this is not the first time she has had a problem at one of your rallies. Her first confrontation was with our office staff upon her arrival. Second, was with people within the leadership of your own organization (ask them) and third, was with my wife. When my wife spoke to the mother about the situation the young lady chimed in and your quote was quite accurate she said (“You can’t speak to my mother like that.”) One this is missing you do not know my wife, you have never met my wife and she does not speak in an evil or unpleasing tone to any of our guests. She is a lady and I speak with experience, as I have been married to her for almost 50 years. When I became aware of all that had taken place I went and spoke to the mother and was told “She is a minor and can say whatever she wants to anyone at anytime.” Need I say more? We did not evict them on the spot as you stated only after three outbursts (screaming, yelling, and crying so many in the area could hear) mentioned above had taken place on the first day of their arrival.

    I am not aware of whom Emma is, but your statement was totally untrue. If you could call speaking to the parents about their 4 and 6 year old (guessing the age) children playing on the boat dock in one of our 4 ponds and being totally unsupervised, I plead guilty. If you call being concerned about a 4 and 6 year old being a few 100 feet away from the Rio Grande River, I plead guilty. Since the incident I have spoken with the father and he graciously thanked me for our concern for his children and said “the children had slipped away” he further stated they wanted to return again and that their son really enjoyed the fishing. We will welcome them back.

    Your reference to “The transition to leased campsites is not attractive anyway.” For your readers please look at our website and decide what is an attractive RV Resort and Park and what is not. If you call ponds, streams, grass, flowers “not attractive” I guess that is your opinion. I might add that the area is under construction, and is being custom designed for the leases, what would you expect?

    Your comments are somewhat amusing referring to the “private walkway” situation. We have had over 20 rallies in our park in just the past two years. In each case people asked if it would be alright to cross over the “private” bridge and in each case permission was given with a smile. What you were not told was the trespassers told the private party owners that they “rented the park for their rally and they could go wherever they want.” As a side note, the trespassers walked across private property on their patios between the trailer and the picnic tables numerous times before any conversation took place.

    Your comments about “happy campers to possessive fools” were uncalled for and an apology is certainly in order. You have never met and certainly do not know these fine and warm people. Your “possessive fools” comment is an outrage.

    Your comments about Mountain Views are unfounded and slanderous. As a reporter for your club, I think it is your responsibility to get the honest and true facts, not one sided as you have done. Before you left the property, I would think that common courtesy would have prevailed and you would have contacted either my wife or me.

    In closing, many of your group have come up to me personally and stated they want to come back to our Park on their own and hope they can have another rally at Mountain Views. The other side of the story.

    Sincerely, Roland Zimmerman