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Ayres offers cash

A quick scam update tonight. Our scammer has switched to lower case, and is wondering why Ayres didn’t wire $1800 on Monday. Ayres received two emails. The first was from the “doctor”:

have u sent the money?i am expecting the mtcn number as soon as possible.
dr.lilian williams

And the second email to Ayres came from the “shipping clerk”, in response to his promise to send money on Monday:

okay,get back to our client with the mtcn number as soon as you send it out.
velecia farmer.

Boy, don’t those emails seem similar. And of course I got one too:

whats going on whats going on?why havent you sent the money./
dr.lilian williams

So Ayres, being an upstanding fellow, has made the following offer:

Hey I live near Hampton where you are. Instead of sending money Western Union can I just come by your office with cash? Give me an address and I’ll come by with cash. Been busy this week and don’t like Western Union. They always give me a hard time since I don’t have a drivers license for ID anymore. Lost it when I rammed a police car with my car few months ago.

Somehow, I doubt Velecia Farmer will want Ayres to come by with his pile of cash. And I wonder if Velecia will be concerned that the car being sold seems to have been in an accident recently?