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Virginia Beach, VA

VA Beach camp.jpg

We’ve made a change in plans. While it’s very pretty here in the state park, and the beach is nice, we are well past the beach season. So instead of taking the coastal route down the Outer Banks of North Carolina, and slowly exploring the seaside, we are going to head for Florida.

Rushing ahead to Florida means a couple of days in the car, which we wanted to avoid. But the cold, windy, and occasionally rainy weather we are expecting in the next few days makes even the prospect of a couple of days on I-95 somewhat appealing. We’ll have a longer stay in Florida than we had planned, instead.

Our scammer has written back to Ayres. He didn’t comment on the check having a bad routing number, but he promised to send another check in the next week. It’s obvious now that as long as he thinks he can steal $1800 from a dumb American, he’s going to keep pursuing this scam. Any gullible person who falls into the clutches of one of these people will be robbed, without the slightest remorse.