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The flea market

Another characteristic of Florida is the presence of enormous flea markets everywhere. Just down the road a mile from our campground there’s one. It’s so huge that merely browsing it took about five hours on Sunday.

Tampa flea market ext 1.jpg

Being in a limited space we don’t buy much. Mostly we focus on consumables, which flea markets are great for. In our case, consumables means food, paperback books, and cheap Chinese LED flashlights.

Tampa flea mkt fruit.jpg

I particularly love buying fresh Florida produce. The oranges, grapefruit, and tangerines that are available change every month. In December the honeybell tangerines will arrive, and those are my favorite. Honeybells have a short season and are hard to find outside Florida, so I always get a bag or two. They make spectacular deep-orange juice. Yesterday we settled for some Plant City Strawberries.

Tampa flea mkt Emma rocks.jpg

One of Emma’s obsessions is rocks, but since they aren’t compatible with trailer travel (see “The Long Long Trailer” starring Lucille Ball) our rule is that her entire collection has to fit into a small fishing tackle box and no rock can be larger than 1″ in diameter. She found a piece of “snowflake obsidian” this time.

Tampa flea mkt bird.jpg
This lovely lady ran one of the three pet shops

Last night Brett came over for dinner and Eleanor made an elaborate dinner of pepper-encrusted pork loin and garlic-roasted cauliflower and green beans. They discussed the Thanksgiving logistics. It seems she’s gearing up for a major Thanksgiving dinner. The trailer is overflowing with food, as is the car. We are expecting eight for dinner but preparations are being made for about 15-20, as far as I can tell …

One Response to “The flea market”

  1. Terry Says:

    That flea market wouldn’t be the Oldsmar Flea Market, would it?
    Did you know that Oldsmar is named for the former owner of Oldsmobile, who created the town as a retirement village for his employees?
    Ransom Olds also started the REO truck company (the company used his initials Ransom E. Olds)
    This is from Wikipedia:
    In 1913, Olds purchased 37,541 acres (152 kmĀ²) of land by the northern part of Tampa Bay in Florida and developed the area into what is now the city of Oldsmar.