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Maintenance day #2

So far the maintenance stop is working out fine. We’ve found some problems and fixed them. The latest little bug found was on the front. Some small diagonal cracks have started in the aluminum near both of the bottom corners of the front compartment.

Weatherford front crack.jpg

Since the cracks are minor and a complete fix would be extensive, we decided to try stop-drilling the cracks and sealing them against rain with caulk. They aren’t structural cracks. We’ll keep an eye on them to see if they go further.

The guys also did some tweaking on the front compartment door to eliminate the persistent leak we’ve had there when towing in the rain. The gasket wasn’t sealing well on the left side, and with some “persuading” of the interior frame they seem to have gotten the gasket to seal evenly all around.

Weatherford hitch parts painting.jpg

The hitch parts were completely sanded down and repainted, with primer and multiple top coats. I expect the new paint job will last longer than the original.

Weatherford dinner.jpg

Last night we chanced the weather (which remains cold and rainy here) and went out for dinner at our friends Paul and Anne’s home in Paradise. Yes, Paradise is only 30 miles up the road from here. Paul and I grilled a few steaks, and Eleanor made two puff pastries for dessert. One was filled with the peach jam we got in Ruston (superb), and the other was filled with lingonberry jam. In the photo above, Emma is lamenting the fact that Eleanor won’t let her have a second serving of dessert.

Tonight I had a special adventure, but I’ll save that for tomorrow’s blog, along with the accomplishments of today (day #3)…

One Response to “Maintenance day #2”

  1. Rob Baker of theVAP Says:

    Stress cracks – eick! My license plate has the same cracks around the holes keeping it attached. To bad they switched aluminum – bet that Vintage Aluminum wouldn’t be crackin!