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Whole Foods II

Last February when we were in Austin we visited the Whole Foods Market at 6th and Lamar. That’s just a few blocks from our location. It was such a fun time we decided to do it again. It’s a tradition now. Plus, we like to browse interesting food.

Austin Whole Foods bananas.jpg
“Yes, we have some bananas”

In keeping with the local slogan, “Keep Austin Weird”, we picked out a smorgasbord of various odd items to sample and brought the whole pile home to spread out on the dinette. I was in a seafood mood so you’ll notice that influence on the choices.

Austin Whole Foods dinner.jpg

From top center going clock-wise: marinated seafood salad; ciabatta bread; crab, artichoke & parmesan bisque; grapes, “Pink Lady” apples, Concorde pears; Cowgirl “Red Hawk”, “Oregonzola”, Parrano, and Shropshire cheeses; roasted nuts; roasted edamame salad; smoked rainbow trout, pepper-smoked mackerel, smoked Chubb, Yukon Salmon “candy”; emerald kale and sesame grilled tofu; more soup; grilled asparagus salad.

And not for tonight, we bought bacon cheese and mushroom sausage; Italian sausage with romano; and Buffalo chicken and blue cheese sausage; Cajun-rubbed catfish.

Austin whole foods dessert.jpg

For dessert: Italian cream cake, chocolate mousse cake, and chocolate truffle marquise. But who had room? There will be enough for lunch tomorrow and another day.

3 Responses to “Whole Foods II”

  1. Eleanor Says:

    What about the gelato?

  2. Adam Says:

    A feast for the eyes. Black eyes in the case of peas.

  3. Dr. C. Says:

    While Austin and its city limits may struggle to promote their wierdness, Blanco, I’m told, remains at ease, as well they should.

    If labeled, the delightful Blanco residents would be clearly marked, Store in a cool, dry place.

    However, they might find it quite offensive to be compared to our Patagonia, where, like an old bottle of enchilada sauce, we all wear the refrain, Refrigerate after opening.

    The blog gets more entertaining with every entry, but lighten up on the food. We’ve gained seven pounds in the last month just looking at the pictures.