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Florida State Rally

A great day at the Florida State Rally! First off, my ear cleared up, which made me feel a lot better. Second, spectacular clear warm weather. Third, 475 Airstreams parked in a field together. It has been a nice day to hang out and share comradery.

FSR AS store.jpg

Everywhere things were hopping. Above is the Airstream store. The service guys were roaming around fixing things, the new product showcase was filled with cool trailers, and I kept running into people I knew.

FSR 56 Caddy.jpg

There are several vintage tow vehicles pulling Airstreams here. This one is a 1956 Cadillac with a modern 454 engine under the hood. Plenty of vroom (450 hp, 500 ft-lbs torque) and a classy ride to boot.

This afternoon Brett and I presented our seminar called “How to get online while mobile,” to a packed room of abut 85 people. That one always seems popular, especially since we provide a wi-fi hotspot in the room during the seminar. Everyone brings their laptop so they can check their email during the talk. There’s a real desperation among rally attendees to get online, so we’ve left our wi-fi open for people to use if they want. (It’s at the Argosy motorhome #5501.)

We’ve also had the usual revolving door of friends and curious passers-by dropping in, so the rally feels in full swing and everyone seems to be in good spirits. But what’s not to like? It’s Florida, it’s February, and it’s sunny.

Emma UNO mask.jpg

Up in Vermont, Emma made a friend at Uno’s when she was at dinner last night. Heather Paine, the waitress, discovered Emma’s interest in snorkeling … and on the spot made her a custom aluminum foil mask complete with breathing straw. Heather has her own company called Dragonfly Gifts of Vermont, which makes candles and gifts. Thanks, Heather!