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Balboa Park, San Diego

I am pleased to report that Operation Kill Paper has been a success already, although it is not complete. I’ve reduced my paper to about half of what it was, and we celebrated with a paper bonfire at sunset. If we’d had some wood handy I would have gotten a proper fire going — the evening temperatures are perfect for it.

SD paper fire.jpg

One of the very best places in San Diego is Balboa Park. A beautiful and architecturally interesting place, it is both a series of green parklands and world-class collection of museums.

On Saturday we visited the Museum of Natural History, on Christmas we went there for the San Diego Zoo, on Tuesday (while I was stuck at home with a cold) Eleanor & Emma went to the Aerospace Museum, and today we returned to go the Reuben Fleet Science Center. Among other things, Emma got to learn about tornadoes.

SD tornado.jpg

Just a walk around Balboa Park is worth the trip, even if you never enter a building. Most of the building designs are based on Spanish Colonial Architecture, dripping with terra-cotta oraments and sculpted details. I wish I’d taken some photos for you but my head was just not fully together today. (The cold lingers on.)

The question now is whether we’ll depart tomorrow for Borrego Springs or hang around San Diego another day. We’ll decide tomorrow.

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  1. me obrien Says:

    thank you for your family vacation!!! we just bought a 1970 airstream that is going to Prince Edwards Island. I hope our trips will be as wonderful as yours!!!!