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Cliff Castle Casino, Camp Verde, AZ

Casino parking is popular among the RV crowd, almost as popular as Wal-Mart. Out west it seems hard to be more than 50 miles from an Indian casino these days, but we’ve never taken advantage of the many casinos that are RV friendly. The only other time was at Sam’s Town Las Vegas, where they have an RV Park.

Cliff Castle parking.jpg

It’s not that we don’t like casinos, but mostly we’ve found better alternatives, such as quiet parks or scenic areas. In this case there were plenty of commercial campgrounds but since we are just parking, Cliff Castle Casino seemed suitable. The parking turned out to be fine and friendly. I sent in a report to Casino Camper so they could update their website about it.

Our Google Earth location.

We knew about this spot from our visit a year ago. You have to drive right past Cliff Castle Casino to get to Montezuma Castle National Monument. I wonder if the Indian frybread stand is still here?

Rich C is staying only about half an hour away from here, so he dropped by with his friend Sadie for a final visit before we head east. Sadie and Eleanor hit it off right away, finding common interests in a theory that (as far as I can tell) involves eating mass quantities of chocolate and red wine to prevent cancer. They even got online for a few minutes to study the molecular structure of some elements found in chocolate.

Cliff Castle E S.jpg

I picked this spot for the overnight stop because it was convenient to our route and the casino has family stuff, including bowling, which Emma loves. There’s also a Johnny Rockets restaurant, which is the sort of place we only go as a treat when we are on the road. It helps break up the day of driving and put everyone in the right mood.

Cliff Castle Johnny Rocket.jpg

At only 3000 feet we haven’t yet escaped the heat. It was in the low 90s all afternoon. But tomorrow will be a different story. Only about 40 miles up the road is Flagstaff, elevation 7000 — an entirely different climate zone. Even though daytime highs will be in the low 80s at the south rim of the Grand Canyon, the forecast is for near-freezing temperatures at night. We’ll have to start carrying sweatshirts in the car again.

3 Responses to “Cliff Castle Casino, Camp Verde, AZ”

  1. Michael Young Says:

    Ahhh, Johnny Rocket’s!!! I love that place but alas they are few and far between. Glad to see that our would be new home state of AZ has a couple.

    What I like best about Johnny Rocket’s is that you can have a burger made to order. Whenever I go I ask for a Bo Burger. What’s that you say? Well it is a throwback to the 1950s when cholesterol wasn’t such a concern or even known. The Bo in the Bo Burger was Bo Roberson, track star, Olympian, football player, and in short one of the greatest, albeit little-known, all around atheletes of all time. We also share an alma mater, which explains the bias.

    So, to make a Bo Burger you put grilled onions atop the burger. On top of that you put a fried egg, over medium. Lastly, a big piece of cheese, preferably Swiss, finishes off the juicy dream of a burger. I’m salivating just thinking about it!!!

    Bo Burgers were the featured menu item at Bud’s Diner. I’m certain Bud told me that it was named for Roberson, although there is some dispute about that.

  2. sadira Says:

    You guys…how fun was that? I suppose you’re lucky you didn’t come up to Prescott, or I would have been forced to run home and gather up the Lemoncello, truffles, and chocolate…ah well, there’s always next time right? It was wonderful to meet everyone…and I look forward to seeing you again soon. Plus, we hit no traffic on the way home (I KNEW we wouldn’t…so, no undue grumpiness on anyone’s part)

  3. Bruno ACCART Says:

    Hi rich and your familly;
    Happy to be on the road again ? I envy you and your travel passion; You are unique and it’s incredible you want and can share that with us. We plan to visit the states that are on the mexican borders as NM and TX . So your new house in AZ in on the road…. may be this time a visit…
    Before that , I wait yours in France in September…..